TEXTBOOK: Evaluating Proficiency and Growth Through Language Skills Testing

SOFTWARE: Hybrid Calculator – Covers all Core Subjects

The hybrid model (software + methodology), which can be used for classroom instruction, for online instruction, or for personal evaluation, has been written in a manual style to cater to private tutors, governmental agencies, educational ministries, homeschoolers, and professional ESL educators who need a practical tool to assess the proficiency and the growth of students.

Proficiency in language learning, which passes the accountability to the student, is a metric that is used to determine if a student can meet or can exceed a predefined benchmark or a baseline standard.  This determination is normally based on the student’s ability to demonstrate mastery of core concepts on a mid-year or an end-of-the-year test.

Growth in language learning, which passes the accountability to the instructor, refers to the differential changes in productive skills and in receptive skills from one performance point to another performance point. These differential changes, which can be correlated with normative measures at a student level, a classroom level, or an institutional level, indicate the direction of student progress.

So far, this is the only hybrid model on the market with a consistent methodology based on cognitive science, language acquisition, and mathematics.  It is a great add-on for companies who support blended learning or AI machine learning.  All core subjects are covered, so you can use it in any course. #evaluating proficiency and Growth #hybrid calculator #hybrid calculator software #evaluating proficiency and Growth