The Rick Butler English Institute provides Career English courses to companies, students, and workers who need to become fluent quickly.  Students can choose among Business English, Vocational English (Medicine and Science), and Military English.

The Business English Circuit is a specialized 4-week course used to arm each student with the necessary tools to succeed in, compete in, and adjust to the corporate environment.  Students must find ways to enhance their language skills while becoming familiar with business terminology, business etiquette, and everyday business situations.  Although not mandatory, students should take this course after completing the Comprehensive English Circuit and the Professional Writing Seminar.

Business English Circuit highlights include:

  • Specialized vocabulary using in-house software and syntax
  • B2B and B2C communication, branding, elevator pitches, and small talk in the office
  • Business writing (Employers), conducting meetings, giving presentations, and negotiation control
  • Cost financials + projections, investors & venture capital, and consumer transactions (banking)
  • Trade practice & regulations, property, rent/mortgage, financial challenges, employment, and corporate crimes

The Vocational English Circuit is a four-week course used to arm the student with a Technical English experience that can be used in a scientific workplace.  The ideal scientific workplace revolves around engineering fields that include working engineers, technicians, IT personnel, and mechanics; however, there is material that is applicable to the medical field as well.  Depending on requirements, customers may mix-and-match courses (Medical English + Technical Writing or Engineering English + Technical Writing).

Vocational English Circuit highlights include:

  • Specialized vocabulary using in-house software and syntax
  • Technical Interface – B2B, B2C, vendors, and internal meetings/presentations
  • Engineering drawings, work instructions, installation manuals, Report Writing + SOW, and requests
  • Compliance and conformity, tracking and logistics, specifications, and standards
  • Healthcare corruption, hospital management, patient care + procedure, and medical trauma + alerting
  • Diseases and infections, main body systems, surgery and treatment, and insurance

The Military English Circuit is a four-week course with material restricted to military units, diplomats, and defense personnel.  Students are reminded that this is an English course rather than a military training course.  This means that the curriculum is created to build language learning skills through applicable vocabulary, content, and concepts in military-based fields as opposed to tactical operations.  The range of the course is highly comprehensive and the course has a respectable scope of potential situations arising through service.  This course is ideal for soldiers, governmental contractors, embassies, and military enthusiasts.

Military English Circuit highlights include:

  • Specialized vocabulary using in-house software and syntax
  • Advanced technical writing – briefs, blue-dot letters, white-paper studies, office reports, and hierarchical chains
  • Fundamentals of legal writing, passive vs. active speech, cadence, and order
  • Recruitment, enlistment, rationales behind war, diplomacy and national security, and interrogation techniques
  • Foreign territory survival module, Military Campaign challenge, military court simulations
  • Leading a Mission and Post-service veteran conditions

Students (16+) must be at an intermediate level or higher to take this course.  Additionally, students are encouraged to take the Comprehensive English Circuit and the Professional Writing Seminar prior to taking a career-based English course.

Course Delivery Options: Onsite Training and Online Training

Course Outcome: Certification of Completion | Letter of Endorsement | Assessment Report

Course Timeslots:

Morning Session: 6:30am-10:30am | Afternoon Session: 10:45am-2:45pm

Evening Session: 3:00pm-7:00pm   | Late Session: 7:30pm-11:30pm

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