The FAQs cover grammar, course information, workshops, textbooks, and software.  We try to provide a general subset of information to English language learners in order to support the educational community.  If you would like to add an inquiry, then please send us an email to


No, there is no placement test.  The curriculum framework, which is intensive and accelerated, covers the language learning process across three (3) circuits – Comprehensive English, Professional Writing, and Career-Based (specialized) English.  Each circuit gives second-language learners an opportunity to learn as if they were native learners.

The course material is designed for students who have reached at least an intermediate level (B1) or above; however, beginner students can attempt the course if they have at least (3) three years of English exposure.  It is worth mentioning that native English speakers can also take these courses.

All participants must be 16+ years old. (See the Comprehensive English Circuit)  Exceptions can only be made after a consultation with a parent or a guardian.

If a student is only taking English courses to prepare for an examination, then (s)he should take the Comprehensive English Circuit and the Professional Writing Seminar.  It takes a minimum of two (2) months to prepare for these examinations.

For all courses, which are on a fixed schedule from Sunday to Wednesday, students will receive 64 hours of instruction within a month.  The session times are as follow:

Morning Session: 06:30 am-10:30 am

Afternoon Session: 10:45 am-02:45 pm

Evening Session: 03:00 pm-07:00 pm

Late Session: 07:30 pm-11:30 pm

Students should call us to check course availability and mode of delivery before booking a course.

We provide online courses and face-to-face courses.  Face-to-face courses are more effective than online courses.

Individual students can only register for online courses as of now; however, they will be able to register for face-to-face courses after the COVID restrictions are lifted.

Companies can register for online courses or face-to-face courses.  For face-to-face courses, the company must provide an onsite venue that follows the latest COVID guidelines and HSE requirements.  If the company would like us to set up the accommodations on its behalf, we can make the necessary arrangements.

Yes, you must be a native English instructor to teach at The Rick Butler English Institute.  All instructors are required to have a Master’s Level TEFL Certificate, Technical English training, a significant amount of classroom teaching hours, and a relevant college degree.  Moreover, these instructors must pass an in-house vetting process that proves that they understand the SLA process, the difference between syntax and pragmatics, and the difference between Formal English in Higher Education and Technical English in the workplace.

All face-to-face courses are intensive and immersion-based, so the maximum number of students in these courses is 35.

All online courses are intensive, so the maximum number of students in these courses is 75.

Student progress is monitored using live proficiency & growth assessments, recorded observations, assignments, and testing.  Students will receive a copy of the assessment report at the end of the course.  It is worth mentioning that we are the only institute/school with a hybrid assessment model.

Yes, all students will receive homework for out-of-class practice and conceptual reinforcement.  Also, homework helps instructors pinpoint weaknesses in speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

  1. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion if they attend at least 75% of the course.
  2. Students will receive a Letter of Endorsement if they earn at least 80% in the course.
  3. Students will receive an Assessment Report.

You may call us directly at +971 0567524589 or you may email your inquiries to

We accept banking wire transfers, credit card payments, and cash via exchange.  There are no payment plans, and all fees must be paid before taking the course.  Fees include the 5% UAE VAT.

Yes, an invoice can be requested at any time.

Students may cancel a course at any time; however, we will only refund the course under extreme circumstances.  The decision to refund a course is at the sole discretion of The Rick Butler English Institute.

Professionals and specialists are encouraged to take the Career-Based English track to increase their value in the workplace.  After taking the Comprehensive English Circuit and the Professional Writing Seminar, they can choose from the following options:

  1. Business English
  2. Vocational English – Medicine or Technology
  3. Military English

Yes, a company may request a Custom English course if it needs recurrent language training throughout the year, it needs one-time language training at different dates throughout the year, or it wants to incorporate company-related material (I.E. processes, standards, procedures, regulations, etc.) into a course.  Custom Courses are handled on a case-by-case basis.  The Rick Butler English Institute adheres to strict data protection and confidentiality protocol.

Yes, the courses are designed to train both, native and non-native, teachers.  Although we do not offer TEFL certificates, we cover the syntactic aspects, the pragmatic aspects, and the technical aspects of the language at a native level.  These aspects are normally ignored in favor of classroom control and lesson planning in most TEFL frameworks.

Of course!  Unlike most English textbooks, English: The Native Way, teaches the language from a syntactic perspective rather than a pragmatic perspective.  Students will learn how to resolve errors and how to prove grammatical concepts per syntax without remembering a million rules.  This is a valuable desk reference that can be used in any career field, any English university (I.E. American, British, Canadian, etc.), or any training institution.

No, the cost of the courses includes course instruction, course materials, and VAT.  The accommodations, associated with onsite training for companies, will be discussed with the company on a case-by-case basis.  Such accommodations, if required, include transportation costs, lodging costs, and printing costs.

Each course will run continuously for four (4) hours and there will be no breaks.

Our English courses, which are based on aggressive, holistic learning approaches, are designed to help students, who are preparing for careers, Higher Education, or English examinations, to become fluent in a short period of time.  This is a high-commitment option and we provide 64 hours of instruction at an affordable rate.

The Q&A workshops are great resources for students and for working professionals who need low-commitment options and who need answers with detailed explanations in a short period of time.  Participants can use the workshops for conversational practice and general inquiries.  During the workshop, a native instructor will answer English-related questions continuously for a session period of four (4) hours every Thursday.  There are a total of four (4) sessions available every Thursday.

Morning Session: 06:30 am-10:30 am (General Inquiries)

Afternoon Session: 10:45 am-02:45 pm (Conversational Practice)

Evening Session: 03:00 pm-07:00 pm (General Inquiries)

Late Session: 07:30 pm-11:30 pm (Conversational Practice)

These students, who are normally polyglots, are encouraged to take the Self-Study Track.  The Self-Study Track contains 63 lecture videos (60 lecture videos on essential grammar + 3 lecture videos on pronunciation).

Many factors determine how long students should study English; however, serious students at the intermediate level can reach a native level within three (3) months if they have a high ratio of instruction to practice every week.  This ratio is built into our 64-hour courses.

All students are encouraged to practice the neutral accent with a native speaker because this accent can be understood in any English-speaking country.  Once you master the neutral accent, you will be able to detect the pronunciation differences among English speakers worldwide.  Accent reduction is built into our courses.

  1. Watch documentaries, movies, and tv series that are based on business, science, or law.
  2. Ask for clarification and proof per syntax.
  3. Look into the usage and the context of foreign words.
  4. Remember that the news in English-speaking countries is written at a fifth-grade level.
  5. Use the proper structure when you speak or when you write.
  6. Play mission-based video games in English to build comprehension.
  7. Develop a system that works for your learning style.


You can improve your English by reading scholarly articles, writing about current events, listening to formal podcasts, and watching documentaries.  Additionally, there are dozens of sites where you can take free grammar quizzes.

In Business English, you learn how to communicate technically in reports, emails, briefs, and proposals.  This course is rather interesting because you need Technical English for official documentation, Formal English for presentations, and Informal English for campaign slogans.  Many educators like to create Business English courses by adding a few specialized terms to General English courseware; however, this approach is not authentic.

The best way to learn English at home is by subscribing to English-related YouTube channels, purchasing Self-Study Courses, and watching tons of TV series without subtitles.  All humans learn body language before they learn their native tongue, so connect body language to the second language as well.  Many polyglots are normally experts at detecting non-verbal cues.

English: The Native Way by Ricky D. Butler is the best book for improving English.  The book explores the syntax of the language without giving a million grammar rules.  Moreover, the book is designed to accelerate students from word-level mechanics to sentence-level mechanics in a small amount of time.  You can purchase the textbook from the following link:

Outside of English: The Native Way by Ricky D. Butler, you should read books associated with technology, medicine, business, and law.  These books are normally written to high English standards.

I would not recommend purchasing English books that are written by non-native speakers.  The authors of such books normally fill in learning gaps with their native tongue.  This is why some Indian people speak English in a Hindi manner.

The best language learning program is English Voices, which is developed by the Rick Butler English Institute.  The game will be official released in 2021.

Language game teaching or gaming with a purpose is a discretionary learning technique that distracts students from the language learning process.  Students become so engaged with the game that they forget learning altogether.

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