All students should take the Comprehensive English Circuit and the Professional Writing Seminar before registering for a Career-Based English Circuit.

The following Specialized English Courses are offered:

  • Comprehensive English Circuit

  • Professional Writing Seminar

  • Business English Circuit

  • Military English Circuit

  • Vocational English Circuit

  • Self-Study Courses with Lectures & Text

  • English Voices: Retribution and Reloaded

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Comprehensive English Circuit (1 Month – Fundamentals)

The Comprehensive English Circuit is based on an aggressive, holistic learning approach that fuses advanced immersion techniques with various language systems to help the student respond to real-life scenarios and predicaments.  This holistic learning approach is a proprietary, eclectic approach, that envelopes the evaluation levels set forth by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), the British Council, and the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) Institutions for language skills. #Irish certified specialized english #French certified specialized english #Italy certified specialized english #Grade 1 certified specialized english #Grade 2 certified specialized english #Grade 3 certified specialized english #Level 4 certified specialized english

Keep in mind that these organizations assess all language skills (i.e. reading, listening, speaking, and writing) separately.  Although these assessments may produce some useful data, it is evident that a student’s understanding of a language is a function of an interaction between receptive skills and productive skills as well as the language systems – grammar, phonology, lexis, and functionality.  The evaluations at the Rick Butler Language Institute consider all aforementioned functions. #specialized english for career #career specialized english #specialized english language skills #certified specialized english #certified english circuit #london certified language skills #spain certified language skills #onsite certified language skills #offline certified language skills #japan certified language skills

Professional Writing Seminar (1 Month – Seminar)

The Professional Writing Seminar is a mandatory course aimed at not only building critical thinking skills but also preparing students for business level writing, technical writing, expository writing, and legal writing in the working environment.  Writing skills are often neglected in the language learning process despite the fact that these skills help students master the structure, form, and literary arts of any language.  Since most students speak the same way that they write, it is necessary to build writing skills to encourage professional speaking.

The Core Curriculum of the writing seminar is designed to bridge the gap between learners transitioning from being only understood in the English language to being fluent in the mechanics of the English Language. #specialized english curriculum #American specialized english #British specialized english #certified language skills #certified tutors #certified teachers #certified educator #certified instructor #Canadian language skills #offbeat language skills #essay language skills

Business English Circuit (1 Month – Specialized English)

The Business English Circuit is a standalone, specialized English course used to arm each student with the necessary tools to succeed in, compete in, and adjust to the corporate environment.  Students must find ways to enhance their language skills while becoming familiar with business terminology, business etiquette, and everyday business situations.  This course provides an English language experience centered on corporate themes alone. #certified english bundles #language skills evaluation #english circuit for defense #certified english circuit for military #english circuit certified for aerospace #english circuit certified healthcare #specialized English online #online english circuit #online language skills #k-12 language skills #foreign language skills #custom english circuit #beginner english circuit # advanced english circuit

Military English Circuit (1 Month – Specialized English)

The Military English Circuit provides a channel to Specialized English instruction using material restricted to military units, diplomats, and defense personnel.  The student is reminded that this is an English course rather than a military training course.  This means that the curriculum is put in place to build language skills through applicable vocabulary, content, and concepts in military-based fields as opposed to tactical know-how.  The range of the course is highly comprehensive and has a respectable scope of potential situations arising through service.  This course is ideal for current soldiers, governmental contractors, fighter pilots, and military enthusiasts. #specialized english military #certified diplomat english circuit #defense language skills #survival english circuit #survial specialized english

Vocational English Circuit (1 Month – Specialized English)

The Vocational English Circuit is a specialized English course used to arm the student with a technical experience that can be used in a scientific workplace.  The ideal scientific workplace revolves around engineering fields that include working engineers, technicians, IT personnel, and mechanics; however, there is material that is applicable to the medical field and the psychological field as well.  It is worth mentioning that the jargon utilized in this package is universal as far as scientific environments are concerned, so the word registry can be projected over related fields no matter the context. All language skills are put to the test.

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English Voices Language Learning Game

English Voices, which combines language learning with traditional gaming, is a groundbreaking two-part series.  Truly a game like no other, you can venture through a real-life world full of chaos, action, and drama by completing missions using your English skills.  Why not treat yourself to a socially interactive experience that you can take anywhere?  If you think that you have what it takes, then subscribe today! #at-risk language skills #poor language skills #immersion specialized english #specialized english camp #specialized english workshop #certified session specialized english #group certified language skills #men certifed specialized english #women certifed specialized english #specialized english certified china #MENA language skills #benchmark language skills #certified quiz language skills #reading language skills #writing language skills #listening language skills

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