How can I build English skills from TV shows


How can I learn English from TV shows? Or even build English skills? No one can deny that television shows are one of the best resources for learning another language.  Every episode consists of multiple scenes embedded with informal speech patterns and formal dialogues.  At the click of a button, viewers have the ability to pause, to play, or to rewind these scenes if they do not comprehend the plot or if they miss a critical detail.  Moreover, viewers have the ability to control the video speed and to add subtitles when characters speak too fast or [...]

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How to Learn English in Less Than 3 months


Learn English language equals open doors to success. Are you one of those people who have received high scores in an English language course or on English exams like IELTS or TOEFL, but you still have not seen any results?  Maybe, you are overwhelmed with anxiety during a presentation or your mind becomes blank while you are drafting an e-mail at work.  You have done everything right, but you cannot reach a fluent level no matter what approach you take.  As easy as it is to give up, some techniques will propel you to native fluency in [...]

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